Hi there,
I’m Corry Anne and I’m a Canadian nature photographer from British Columbia. I love nature and have a special passion for butterflies, especially monarch butterflies.
When I’m not photographing, I dedicate much of my time promoting awareness of the plight of the monarch butterfly and the need for milkweed in order for the species to survive. I attend local events/fairs and various community and garden club meetings to help teach ways of creating safe and healthy spaces for our pollinators.
As for my photography, I have an extensive image library which includes thousands of butterfly images, many of which have been published internationally in books, magazines, and television.
The images that you see here are available both as professionally crafted prints and high-resolution digital images. If there is something specific that you are looking for in an image and you don't see it here, feel free to contact me.
I do offer global shipping for prints. Please reach out for more information.
All images displayed on this website are copyright protected. Please do not use without the proper permissions.
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